Unofficial Web Report Portal

This application has been created by the City of Columbus, Division of Police for informational purposes only. In no way does the information represent an official police report. If you require a copy of an official police report please contact the Records Section at 614-645-4747.

The Division of Police advises against using the following information for statistical purposes or crime trends. The information is not representative of all crime in Columbus and due to Division policy the information displayed is subject to several restrictions.

  1. Only basic information from official police reports will be displayed.
  2. Only suspect information of arrested suspects will be displayed.
  3. At no time will domestic violence information, juvenile crime victims, or sex crime victims be displayed.
  4. The crime information displayed should never be represented as an official police report for ANY purpose.

While every attempt has been made to ensure the accuracy of this information, the Division of Police makes no warranties or representations regarding its accuracy or completeness.

Reports filed with the Telephone Reporting Unit may not be available for as many as 14 days.